Homepage Settings

Go to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings to select the homepage and posts page.

By default, the front page is set to display Your latest posts. This means that a list of your recent blog posts will be shown on your home page.

However, the Hallie Pro theme demo is set to display A static page as described below.

  1. Your Homepage displays: Select A static page.
  2. Homepage: Use the drop down to select the page you’d like to display on the homepage of your site. On the demo, we’ve created a blank page named Home and selected it as the homepage here.
  3. Posts page: Since the homepage is no longer set to display a list of your latest posts, use the drop down to select the page on which you’d like to display them instead. The page you select for the Posts page should not use the Blog page template.
  4. Click Publish to preserve your settings.

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