How Do I Change…?

Now that you have your theme set up, you may wish to customize some areas such as the footer text, the post info text, etc.

The following is a list of common customizations and links to the instructions on how to accomplish each of them:

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these code snippets should be placed at the very end of your theme’s functions.php file (after all the other code). Some themes already have code snippets in the functions.php file to make changes to these areas, so check the file first before adding any new code. If the code is already in the functions.php file, you should edit the existing code to make your changes instead of adding duplicate code.

If you are uncomfortable editing code, the Genesis Simple Edits plugin can help you customize the post info, post meta, and footer credits text. See Edit Entry Meta and Footer Info with Genesis Simple Edits for details on how to use this plugin.

Here are links to other Genesis tutorials and code snippets for other customizations you may wish to make:

Hire Us

Genesis offers some flexibility and control over how your site is displayed. However, if you need a custom request, feel free to contact us and we can handle all your website service needs.

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