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How to Set Up Your Instagram

Setting up an Instagram feed is a fantastic addition to your website, and is a simple process.

Make sure that you have your Instagram Feed plugin active. This comes standard with the Hallie Pro theme.

In your dashboard, navigate to your Instagram Feed tab.

Left-Click on the button that says Connect an Instagram Account under Configure:

You will be taken to an Instagram login page, where you will have to enter your proper credentials:

Once you sign in, you will be prompted to authorize the plugin to use this account:

After you authorize, you should be taken back to your Instagram Plugin settings, where you will see your connected account. Verify that this is the proper account.

Once you are sure you want to use this account, modify your settings to update however so often you would like. You have the option to select from Seconds, Minutes, and Days.

Once you configure these to your liking, save your changes.

Now your Instagram plugin is ready for use!

The Instagram Plugin uses a simple shortcode attribute, making it easy to incorporate into pages and widgets.

For Example:

I will add this to my Instagram page in the Hallie Pro theme. To use this, either just type in the text area, or use the shortcode area the following code:


Paste this into wherever you’d like to use this feature, either in the page or widget area.

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